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Baby Essentials We Didn’t Know We Needed

I’m learning that as a mom, we are constantly learning, trying new things, and just figuring it out as we go. So when I was building a baby registry and prepping for baby while I was pregnant, there were things left out that I have since learned are absolutely essential! Here are my hard and fast TOP FOUR baby essentials that we use everyday!

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My mom friend Erin (also known as Kismet House) gifted this Dockatot to me at my baby shower. Even though I had left it off my registry, she was like “nah girl your NEED this” and boy was she right! We cart this from room to room during the day for a safe place for baby to lay. And at night we have this in our bed and it is where he sleeps. I know co-sleeping is not for everyone but so far it works for us.

These Bibs pacifiers were gifted to me from a family I used to nanny for. Milo is very hand-oriented, sucks his thumb and has never had a problem taking the binky But I have noticed he seems to prefer these over any other brand of pacifier we have tried. He likes to hold it and can eve push it back into his mouth sometimes.

I was given a handful of these swaddles as hand-me-downs and they have been game changers. We discovered Milo seems happiest when we swaddle him with one arm out and so far he seems to sleep pretty darn well when wrapped in one of these. The velcro makes for easy swaddling in the middle of the night and allows for a safe yet snug wrap.

Honestly, my best purchase of 2020. I Thrifted this set up from Facebook Marketplace and oh my gosh we use it everyday! The bassinet attachment is actually sleep-safe! I wheel this from room to room during the day and we love it for our evening walks with the dog. For us, this stroller has been so much more that just a stroller and I cannot recommend it more!


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