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Baby Registry for First Time Moms

Ok, so for the first time mom, building your baby registry can be super daunting. Between not feeling well and being emotionally overwhelmed, trying to figure out all of Baby's needs to compile into a list was the last thing on my mind.

I asked some of my mama friends, and took to Instagram to ask you all some of your must-need items and here is the extensive list I came up with. One of the tips that was frequently suggested was to make the registry and packed as possible for 2 reasons; 1) Most registry sights offer a "completion discount" as due date approaches, 2) give people a lot of options so you don't end up with stuff you might not need.

Below you will find my list of registry suggestions as well as the link to my personal registry. We decided to use "Baby List" because you can add items from any website, and the process was really user friendly.

Keep in mind when you get down to my personal registry, there are some obvious things left off; stroller, baby bouncer, carseat, pack n play, this is because as I mentioned before, we are big believers in buying used, and had already hunted down some of our must haves.


  • Diapers

  • Wipes

*Note: special Diaper trash can (ie: Diaper Genie) left off this list, mixed reviews from mom friends, we opted for a simple trash can for our changing station

  • Diaper Cady

*Note: Wipe warmer left off this list, we personally felt it was not needed.

*Note: bottles are left off registry, a lot of places give free samples of various bottles when you register with them (Target, Amazon, Babylist, to name a few) there is no need to buy a bunch of bottles.

*Note: Bottle warmer left off this list, I just don't think we will need one.

*Note: Baby monitor left off our personal registry, we have a small house and we just don't think we will need one, but maybe we will feel differently when Baby comes.

  • Baby Gym, playmat

  • Wubbanub pacifiers

  • Diaper Backpack (I was gifted an Azaria one and I LOVE it, more on that later!)

  • Wood toys (we personally like the idea of wood as opposed to plastic)

  • Jellycat plush

  • Books (we picked out quite a few bilingual books)

  • Stuff for mom (robe, slippers, hospital bag)

  • Nursing tanks or nursing tops in general

  • Nursing bras

  • Compression postpartum underwear

View our personal registry here

Don't worry, I will share blogs on where to find cute boy and gender neutral clothes, what to pack in your hospital bag AND our nursery reveal, COMING SOON!

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