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Boo Bucket for Babies

I was a nanny to many families for many years. And one family I watched had this awesome tradition for Halloween; the girls would trick or treat with their friends and collect candy. They would pick out an agreed amount of favorites from their haul, and then that night they would leave their bounty out for The Great Pumpkin to collect in exchange for a gift. I always thought this was brilliant and I hope to carry this tradition on with Milo. 

I’ve been seeing “Boo Buckets” circulate around the gram and I knew I wanted to make a special one for Milo’s first Halloween. He might not remember it this year, but I will! And I want to instill this tradition for years to come!

I included his very first Jack Skellington (start them young am I right?) and zero plush from the Online Disney store. I also included some Halloween themed books. And Mama’s favorite treats, because whatever Mama eats, baby gets in his milkies.

Click the pics for direct links:

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