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Budget Bundt: They Won't Believe That its HOMEMADE

What is “Thrifted Queen” all about anyways? What goes on in my little corner of the internet? I like to call what I do over here a “Vintage Lifestyle Blog.” Basically a fancy was of saying “I do what I want”. Whether its writing about swimming in a sprinkle pool or baking a sprinkle cake, I’m gonna share my twist of things over here. Thanks for joining!

Being a “Thrifted Queen” means having a deep love of vintage, seeking cheap thrills from the hunt, and styling your treasures in an eye-pleasing manor. But you can’t be a true “Thrifted Queen” without also being just the right amount of frugal. Yes, Queens can be cheap too! This thriftiness seems to sneak its way into all aspects of my life. Sale racks, thrift stores and even grocery stores!

Treat your family and friends like real royalty with my Thrifted Queen Cake Box Hack. Just a few quick tricks will turn a cheap cake box mix into a moist masterpiece that is sure to leave everyone reaching for seconds.

Start with a cake mix of your choice. Substitute the water for milk and the oil for butter. Thats it! Follow all other directions accordingly.

Mother-in-law's Red Rose Red Velvet Cake

Recently, I have really been enjoying baking my cakes in bundt pans. I have found it to be the best hassle-free decorating with the most beautiful results. Simply scoop store-bought icing into a ziplock baggie, snip the corner off and pipe onto the cake. Fill the center with flowers or fruits for a simple elegant touch. For kids cakes, you can't go wrong with double the frosting, sprinkles and toys! My Goddaughter totally freaked when she saw that I put an actual Shopkins toy cake on top of her Shopkins-themed real cake.

What are you waiting for? Get baking! Let me know in the comments how you doctor your cake box mix!

Husband's Triple Cherry Chocolate Cake

For Triple Cherry Chocolate cake, I followed the above substitutions and directions but I mixed 1/3 can Cherry Pie filling into batter and reserved rest 2/3 can for topping.

I glazed the Triple Cherry Chocolate cake with a homemade chocolate frosting by bringing 1/3 c milk, 5 tablespoons butter, 1/2 c sugar to boil. Remove from heat and mix in 6 oz semi sweet chocolate chips until smooth. Pour over cake. The frosting seriously tasted like homemade fudge. It was delicious!

From left to right:

Husband's 29th Triple Cherry Chocolate Cake

Mother-in-laws Red Rose Red Velvet Cake

Goddaughter's First Communion Funfetti Shopkins Celebration Cake

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