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Caraway Faves Gift Guide

If you have someone on your shopping list this year thatn can be difficult to find the perfect gift *cough husbands, *cough in-laws, look no further because I have got you covered with my Caraway Faves.

Caraway is one of my all time favorite brands I have worked for. The product is amazing non toxic cookware that is simply stunning. I am not joking when I tell you I got rid of every piece of cookware I had in my home that was not Caraway. Truly converted!

The cookware set is by far my favorite item on their website. We use the Silt Green set with gold handles. If you shop now using my link you can get early access 20% site wide! This sale only happens once a year! This set is normally $745 but during this once a year sale it comes down to UNDER $500-- unheard of!!! Over a $200 savings, so if you are using girl math, you basically HAVE to buy them!

Be sure to shop early becuase with prices like these, your faves are likely to sell out!

I have included some of my other favorite Caraway products below:

Simply stunning Tea Kettle; for the tea drinker on your list.

Food storage set; for the person who likes to meal prep on your list.

4 piece Bake set; for the baker (or wannabe baker) on you list.

The Stainless Steel set that my husband is getting this year, I earned extra "cool wife" points on this one, as they are his literal dream pans!

The Prep Set; for the organized person on your list.

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