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Cleaning Queen 2019

Who wants to start 2019 with a clean start? Remember last week I said the Christmas clutter was starting to get to me and I joked about a 30 day organization challenge? Well I actually did it! I put together a list of 31 things to organize each day in January! This in not about perfection, this is about making room in our life’s for the bounty of 2019 to come through! Each item on the list is made to be manageable and meant to take less than an hour. For instance, the closet has been broken down into 6 sections to be done on 6 different days. And the garage, though it is only on 1 day, falls on a Saturday, so if you choose to take longer than an hour you can! (Let’s be real though, my garage is a year long project 🤦🏼‍♀️) Who’s with me? Let’s do the damn thing! Fill those trash bags. Pack those boxes for goodwill. Together let’s make room for 2019 to be less cluttered, organized, bountiful and beautiful!

31 Day Organization Challenge

1. Junk drawer

2. Bedside table

3. Center console in car/ glovebox

4. Pantry/ dry goods and spices

5. Under sink area/ cleaning supplies

6. Fridge/ clean out those condiments!

7. Dishes/ mismatched plates and glassware

8. Mugs/ travel mugs/ water bottles

9. Meds

10. Linens/ towels

11. Pet/ baby supplies/ toys (whichever applies)

12. Toiletries/ makeup

13. Desk drawers/ top of desk

14. Bills/ filed papers

15. Office supplies

16. Craft/ hobbie supplies

17. Closet-dresser

18. Closet- anything hanging

19. Closet- anything folded

20. Closet- intimates

21. Closet- seasonal

22. Closet- shoes

23. Closet- jewelry

24. Closet- purses

25. Record collection/ music/ movies/ books

26. Phone photos/ apps

27. Garage- just spend an hour

28. Stuff on walls/ art photos in frames

29. Clutter/ decorations/ plants

30. Holiday/ party supplies

31. Extra/ bulk/ survival kits

32. Sit back and celebrate!

I’ll be sharing my progress in my stories along the way and I hope you do the same, tag #cleaningqueen2019 so I can follow the fun! 

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