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DIY Sunshine Doors

I was so inspired by Studio DIY's sunshine closet doors, that I knew I had to make my own version. This is not the first time I have tried to replicate one of her door DIYs. Have you see their amazing pink closet doors? Inspired me so much, I tried the same style on my linen closet doors.

For this DIY I basically followed their instructions (linked here) except I did not use the embroidery hoop, instead I used these large half moon drawer pulls as handles. I used 2 to create the center circle of the sun. Click the picture for a direct link:

And for the perfect yellow paint, I used Kelly Moore's "Sun God."

I absolutely love how this turned out and it makes me smile every time I see it. Not to mention bringing so much sunshine to our pantry! I was able to complete this DIY on my own, so I would say it is a beginner level project. If you can paint, measure and glue, you are good to go! The only somewhat tricky part is cutting the dowels to size. I used a dremel, but you could easily use a hand saw which would probably be safer than a dremel if you are a beginner.

Be sure to tag me if you try this DIY! I would love to see it!


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er wer
er wer
05 nov 2021

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