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Easy Winter Glam Wreath with Martha Stewart

Who loves an EASY DIY that will take your home decor on a beautiful transition from Fall to Winter? THIS GAL DOES!

I was so excited to partner with Martha Stewart for this project. I actually made this wreath the week before Milo was born. If I can accomplish this while 9 months pregnant, anyone can. When I say EASY DIY, I mean it!

I am obsessed with the Martha Stewart spray paint collection. The colors are stunning. But what really makes it a game changer for me is the slender cans that don't leave my hands cramping up after completing a paint project.

3 materials:

Find Martha Stewart paint exclusively at Amazon. Click pics for direct links:

3 Easy steps:

1) Wrap garland around floral hoop. This particular garland has wire in it so there is no need for extra materials to attach the garland to the hoop.

2) use Martha Stewart metallic spray paint to spray both sides of your wreath.

3) Bask in the glory of your new wreath and marvel at how easy it was to complete!

Thank you to Martha Stewart and Duncan Enterprises for partnering with me on this project. It will always be a special memory for me, knowing it was the last project I did while pregnant with Milo!

Thanks for reading! If you try this DIY, be sure to send me a pic, I would love to see it :)


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