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Gift Guide: For Kids

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I had a little too much fun putting together my favorites for the kiddos this year. I have included some of our tried and true faves as well as some on our personal wish list.

Click the photos for direct links:

I saw these at Target and I thought they were so fun, be sure it is age appropriate for your kiddo though.

Milo has this puzzle, super affordable and a great was to practice colors, numbers and matching.

This is one off our personal wish list this year. For some reason Daisy is hard to come by and Milo is a big fan!

I have these in the ridiculous rainbow print and I love them. They keep my feet warm without getting too hot. Also, I'm a sucker for anything that comes in mini size. Click Here for the adult link.

Milo has one of these from my girl Abbey's shop; Daily Disco, and I cannot recommend her products enough.

We got Milo this Care Bear ornament this year to celebrate his BFF; Momo Bear.

I came across this Polly Pocket advent calendar when searching for various ones and honestly I think it is adorable.

Who doesn't love a bread basket?

Another one off our list this year. Milo is having a real hard time letting go of Halloween and this Sally doll is just the cutest.

Speaking of cute, HOW CUTE IS BABY JACK?

These would be amazing stocking stuffers, or advent calendar stuffers. Milo actually loves playing with croc charms, they will entertain him for hoursssss.

And why not pair those charms with some festive red crocs. Milo and I wear crocs almost daily. Click Here for the adult link.

Milo was gifted a set of these triangular crayons and I think they are a great addition to any craft stash. Perfect for small hands.

Mini Brands advent calendar? Yes please!

Fill those stocking with my latest obsession: Mini Brands. Here's the link to the Disney ones.

Here's the link to the Mini Fast Food ones (I think there are my personal fave)!

This is my absolute favorite play kitchen I have seen. And I think it is pretty affordable.

Speaking of affordable, this play table INCLUDES the track and town! I love the way this looks and I think would be a great big gift.

Had to include my other fave pair of Milo shoes, these nikes are freaking adorable and come in Mama size too (click here).

The baby dolls at Milo's school really seem to be a hit with the other kids (not so much Milo) but I thought I would include this super cute baby doll. As soon as he shows the slightest interest, I am for sure getting him one of these.

Snagged this wood truck from Target back in October and I can't wait to pull it out for him to play with.

Milo found this shopping cart ornament at World Market and its the PERFECT size for the mini brands toys. I snipped the hanging part off and we play with it.

Can't go wrong with a Target themed toy, am I right?

How cool is this play road tape?! I have not used it so I can't speak to the quality or if the kiddos think it is as cool as I do. But could be a great stocking stuffer.

The jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse.

I think this just might be my favorite toy I have included on this list, we don't have it... YET.

Milo has exactly TWO forks, that I wash after each meal. I think he would be pleased to find some more kiddo-friendly cutlery in his stocking.

Y'all another gem from Milo's school. I can safely say these matching egg toys get played with everyday.

Ok, this is freaking ADORABLE.

Another great Hearth and Hand target toy. I think I've basically included all their toys on this list because they are just THAT cute.

Milo and I thrifted this exact same Minnie and he plays with her every day. Every. Single. Day.

I really love wooden toys and Milo really loves Mickey. So this is kind of perfect.

I know I just said I love wooden toys, but damn I think Milo would get a kick out of this. Plus the Disney Mini Brands toys made a mini version of this same toy and we got it in one of our surprise balls. So basically we need it.

Milo is SUPER into spinning things right now and I think these are just beautiful simple toys.

Just cute. So freaking cute.

More cuteness.

We have the vibrant rainbow cups that Milo plays with all the time. But man these are real pretty!

Stop it right now with this A Frame Dollhouse. Husband if you're reading this; I'm never to old for toys!

Ok so in theory I think these would be great, but I have not tried them out so I can't speak to their awesomeness.

Another thrift find of mine that Milo (and I) love playing with.

We received this train as a birthday gift this year and Milo freaking lovesssss it. The combo of color, characters and moving parts is just really engaging for him

One of my besties has this for her boys and HIGHLY recommends it. It reads audio books when you place the little characters on top.

I'm a sucker for cute wood toys and this one simply checks both those boxes.

I think this would entertain a toddler for HOURS. For sure sending this link to the family as an idea for Milo.

*this blog contains commissionable links, but is not sponsored by any of the products of companies mentioned above.

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