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How to Look Amazing on a Budget with Bargain Fashion Brand: Primark/ Penney's

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Penney's stole my heart back in 2010 when I took my first trip to Ireland. For those of you who an unfamiliar with the store, it is an Irish company that would be best compared to the likes of Forever 21.... but in my humble opinion WAY BETTER. Although it is essentially the same company, it is known as Penney's in Ireland and as Primark everywhere else. The company has since jumped the pond and opened some U.S. stores on the East Coast. Check their website for store locations.

Penney's has the greatest accessories. This particular trip was really fun for me because I had only ever traveled to Europe in the fall, meaning I had only ever shopped at Penney's and Primark in the fall. This year we were there in May and the store had the styles to prove it! Bright colors, fun rompers, statement jewelry, strappy sandals, all at amazing deals. All of the shoes pictured were under 20 Euro.

"Be still my heart" I whispered to myself when I found these perfectly pink shoes, all 3 pairs of them! Fun side note; I was randomly selected for "extra security screening" on our flight home from Dublin. I was wearing a Pink faux-fur coat with pink Calpak suitcase in tote and when then opened her up only to find 3 new pairs of pink shoes, the TSA agent said to me "Well, somebody likes pink!"

Penney's even had an adorable Disney line. I grabbed myself this Minnie Mouse coin purse because it matches perfectly with my Minnie Mouse Kate Spade purse (seen here).

Whether you are traveling to the Europe or the East Coast, be sure to leave some room in your suitcase and extra time on your itinerary for some shopping at Penney's/ Primark. Your closet (and wallet) will thank you.

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