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Living Room Refresh


You may have heard me ranting about my "living room refresh" in my stories, and the time has finally come my friends!

Our living room is quite nice; large bay window, stunning brick fireplace, beautiful wood floors. But I feel like I have never been able to accomplish the look and feel I was trying to pull off. The previous owners of our home used this as a vacation home, although we are many blocks from the beach, it has always had a "beach house" vibe. I let that guide my style choices for the first couple years we lived here, image "coastal farmhouse" if you will. But as the years have gone on, and I have become more confident with my style, I am ready to take a big decor shift. Yes, most of you guessed it; MIDCENTURY!

I also want to play with color, which may be hard to tell from my vision board above which is almost all neutrals. BUT YOU JUST WAIT. There is a surprise rainbow in the works for this room.

Most of the pieces have been purchased, some I already had and am just pulling from other rooms, and a trip to Ikea is planned this weekend, but the big question mark still hanging over me for this space is the RUG. I thought it would be fun to leave it up to my tribe to decide! I have linked the options below. There are 2 "neutral" options (I use the word neutral loosely as they are colorful neutral options) and 2 bright blue options, labeled as such. Go ahead and take a look and let me know what you think. You can comment right here on this blog post, send me an email, or better yet, go vote in my instagram stories!


Neutral Option 1: Click Here

Neutral Option 2: Click Here

Bold Blue Option 1: Click Here

Bold Blue Option 2: Click Here

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