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Nursery Reveal

It started when my parents went to a Paul McCartney concert while my mom was pregnant with me. In elementary school, our very hip choir director had us sing many Beatles songs. In high school, I took guitar lessons from a Beatles obsessed boomer. The week before I fell in love with Sabas, I was at the International Beatles Convention in Liverpool. Let’s just say it has been a life long obsession. I’ve always dreamt of doing a Beatles themed nursery for a baby one day, and I cannot believe that “one day” is finally here.

Top left to bottom right: Sabas and I in London, Me at Strawberry Fields in Liverpool, Sabas and I going to see Paul McCartney at Candlestick Park, some of my besties humoring me with the BEST Halloween costumes ever!

I have been dropping “easter egg” hints here and there over on Instagram, starting with our “Here Comes the Son” pregnancy announcement, and I am so dang excited to FINALLY reveal the theme of our nursery; THE BEATLES!

When I discovered Sazarac Stitches light fixtures, to say I basically planned this entire nursery around their Arcenciel Light fixture would not be an understatement. It was so playful and whimsical, and I could envision it hanging in a nursery, basically replacing the need for a mobile to hang over a crib. The sputnik style was perfect for my mid century mod Beatles theme, and their color choices are dreamy. Yes, I said color choices… did you know you can customize their fixtures by selecting specific colors. They were an absolute delight to work with and my custom Rainbow Arcenciel Chandelier is the perfect centerpiece for this nursery.

With the light fixture in mind, I knew going in to this room makeover, that the walls would be white and I would incorporate a rainbow color scheme, check out my Kelly Moore Paint blog here for more details on paint selection and pallet choices.

When I saw Studio DIY's rainbow book ledges, I just could not get them out of my mind. I knew we would dedicate an entire wall in the nursery to try our take on the rainbow book ledges. My brother-in-law built the ledges following At Home with Ashley's tutorial and my husband and I painstakingly painted them 5 times over to get the coverage just right. But boy, was it worth it. These shelves are quite the statement and I really hope they promote reading over screen time for our family… a mom can dream right?

New furniture… You can read all about my furniture options here. But in short we chose a great rug with a neutral base and colorful details (linked here), Babyletto glider (linked here), and a natural wood minimalist style crib (linked here). So far, having lived with this space and furniture choices, sans baby, I am very happy with my picks.

Used furniture… We had planned to use my crib that my mom had hoarded, I mean saved, for the past 30 years. But once we had assembled it, it was clear that safety standards have changed over the past 3 decades and let's just say my husband may have referred to it as a “death cage.” Other thrifted pieces in this space include our changing table/ dresser, mirror, frames for artwork, and curtain rods. The dresser was a curbside find (thanks Sarah!) that my husband painted and I added the Beatles decals on the side for a nice surprise touch. The mirror that hangs over the changing table is thrifted and vintage… it is quite heavy though and I am on the lookout for a more modern and lighter mirror. I am using an Ikea rolling cart that we already had, as a diaper cart next to the dresser. I figure as he grows, he will no longer need a “changing table/ diaper cart” set up so we will simply remove the cart and he can just use the dresser for his clothes. All the frames in this room were frames we already had, I believe we used them to display our engagement photos at our wedding. I painted 4 frames white for my “Baby Beatles” gallery wall and I painted a couple of them gold for my other prints. We also used the gold spray paint for our thrifted curtain rods that were once black.

Another detail I was dead-set on was a neon sign hanging over the crib… don’t get at me on this, I doubt we will have it lit up will he is snoozing in his crib. I worked with the Brite Lite Tribe to get the perfect font, color and size, and let me tell you this sign is everything I wanted and more…. And for those of you who might be scratching your head… its a Beatles song!

One of my favorite special details in this space is a pillow from Cat Studio Designs. It is a colorful embroidered work of art that depicts scenes from San Francisco. This is so special to me because my husband and I took a day trip to the city on our first date where we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, we also saw Paul McCartney in concert at Candlestick Park in SF. And now a pillow honoring that city sits in our Baby’s crib. What a trip! (Pillow linked here)

I will link some other things around the nursery here; our changing table basket, crib sheets, toy chest.

I love this room SO much and I can’t share this space without noting all the hard work my husband did to bring my vision to life. Pregnancy has been hard on me and he really stepped up his project game and literally pulled this space together by himself. Painting, hanging shelves, assembling furniture, installing light fixtures, he did it ALL. I am so lucky. Of course this room will evolve over time and I can’t wait to continue to share all of its evolutions with you all.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope this space brings a smile to your face! Baby Mayorga- we're ready for ya!

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