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Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

When I look at our bedroom makeover, I can't help but think "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I tend to use a lot of adjectives when describing my home aesthetic; mid-century modern, vintage, boho, eclectic, just to name a few. I think this room encapsulates all those feelings. Here's how I executed my vision for our master using some old, some new, some borrowed and a just a little blue.

Something Old: This old house is home to a lot of old shit, and our bedroom is no exception. Possibly my favorite old piece in this room, is our 1970's seascape framed print. It was an estate sale $10 score. In terms of the seascapes we have thrifted in the past, this one is probably not worth any more than what we paid, but we just love the feeling of it. I love the colors, I love the frame. Overall, it is just a really fun piece that adds character to any wall.

Other thrifted items include; our double curtain rods and curtain sheers. One of our blue glass lamps, yes, only one. The other one, which is its matching partner, was purchased new from Target. And of course, there is an array of old shit scattered on my DIY rustic wood shelves.

Something New: I was really eager and excited to buy a nice bed when we moved into our home. We had never really had a proper bed with frame and headboard. Although my husband and I had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, as well as our budget, it took quite some time for our bed dreams to come to fruition. There was just too many options. I scoured the web for the perfect upholstered headboard in our size, shape, color and material. Finally deciding on one from Target. I love shopping from Target online because my order usually comes within a week and always arrives as expected. The rug is also from Target. I was surprised when my husband agreed to the one I chose, because of its heavy use of PINK. We wanted a colorful rug in this space, to add to the boho eclectic feel we are going for.

Other new items include, upholstered bench at the foot of the bed from Home Goods. Ikea light fixture which I feel is the best budget-friendly boho addition, for only $60! Curtain panels are also new from Ikea. Gold frames for artwork are new from Target.

Something Borrowed: As first time home buyers, we didn't have a lot of spending money to put towards new furniture after we moved in. Our new dream home would be hodge-podged together with our old apartment furniture. We gladly took unwanted furniture off anyones hands and did our best to make it our own. The previous owners were kind enough to leave us quite a bit of furniture when they sold. These matching end tables from Pier 1 were some pieces left behind. I gave them a makeover to better fit our beachy-boho style. A quick coat of chalk paint and some new butterfly knobs from Etsy did the trick!

"Brodie" Original artwork by Sabas Mayorga

Something Blue: Over St. Patricks Day weekend, my husband and I painted our guestroom/office an edgy shade of green. We were so pleased with the results that the following weekend we painted our bedroom wall. We decided just to paint the wall our bed is on, making it a true focal point. The paint shade is called "Under Sea" and I just adore the moodiness, it truly makes a bold statement.

If you can believe it, here is a "Before Photo" taken the week we moved in.

We have come a long way since we moved in 2 years ago. Over all I feel that our home is an ever-changing space, with our styles constantly evolving. But I really feel that with some carefully curated pieces, DIY projects, some tender love, dedication, and a quick coat of paint, you can truly transform any space and create the oasis of your dreams.

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Watercolor originals by my hubby

Decor Ladder:

Made by my hubby and me

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