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Postpartum Recovery Must Haves

I did zero research when it comes to postpartum healing. Ok, so I had heard about the notorious mesh underwear but that's about it. So, after I gave birth to Baby Milo and the nurse walked (well wheeled) me into the bathroom for my first pee, I was a little surprised at the line up of postpartum care. There was your mesh underwear, squirt bottles, pads in 3 different sizes, some sort of cooling spray that looked like shaving cream, freezer packs for your vag, witch hazel cooling pads, and if you were lucky enough to have a case of the roids, there was some butt cream too.

They send you home with a goodie bag as a parting gift upon discharge, but for me personally I ran out of the goods after about a week. Luckily, I had a few late nights with Milo, Seinfeld and Amazon Prime, so here is what I have found to be incredibly helpful to have on had for postpartum healing and relief. I hope my uncensored, "tits out" style breakdown of my postpartum recovery care helps some of you expecting mamas out there!

Click the pics for direct links:

Heat/Cooling Pads for your Vag, Bum and Boobs:

I love these for their multifunctional uses, perineal pain relief, hemorrhoid pain relief, you can even use them for breastfeeding pain relief. The covers are super soft and you can easily pop them in the wash.

Adult Diapers:

Ok, so a few of you asked why I needed adult diapers as opposed to the pads and underwear they send you home with from the hospital. I personally liked having these on hand for nighttime. Once I fed bay, burb baby, change baby, and go to the bathroom myself, it was much easier for me just pull on an adult diaper rather than assemble my pad/ mesh underwear ensemble.

Tucks Cooling Pads:

You can find these at the drugstore too if you are in a pinch. These are basically the same thing they send you home from the hospital with, and trust me you need them.

Witch Hazel:

This is what I have been using to make my "padscicles" check out my Instagram for my super easy tutorial. Your Vag will thank you.

Boob Ease Nipple Balm:

Per suggestion and gifted from a fellow mama friend, I love having this on hand to sooth my nipples. Non-offensive odor PLUS you don't have to worry about washing off before your next feed because it is baby safe.

Bambooies Disposable Nursing Pads:

Also per suggestion and gifted from a fellow mama friend, if you are planning on breastfeeding, do yourself a favor and just have these on hand for when you get home.

Pumping/ Nursing Bra:

I have a love hate relationship with pumping, minus the love part. I quite hate it actually. I can't even turn the damn thing on by myself without this bra, which I did not have for the first two weeks. So if you are planning on pumping for any duration of time, just order this now. Have it on hand for when you get home and maybe you won't start your relationship with pumping filled with hate like I did. I like this particular pumping bra because it also doubles as a nursing bra, and us busy mamas know multi-functioning items are clutch!

Cotton Compression Underwear:

A mama friend of mine that recently had a C-Section birth, told me to have these panties on hand of when you get home from the hospital, so I just went ahead and ordered them. It is recommended to wear cotton underwear for postpartum healing. I love the high rise cut and light compression. Take it from both a C-Section and Vaginal Birth mama, that these panties are great!

Nursing Friendly Nightgown:

I wore this nightgown in the hospital and have continued to since coming home. It is SO soft and the button front allows for easy access to the boob for all those middle of the night feeding sessions.

Super Soft Super Stretchy Yoga Pant:

You are going to want to be comfy when you are recovering from birth and these pants check all of those comfort must-haves for me. Soft? Check! Stretchy? Check! I actually had these same pants in another color that I wore all through pregnancy, so that should tell you how stretchy they are, and I liked them so much that I decided to go ahead and order myself a pair in black for my hospital visit.

Nursing Tank:

If you are planning on breastfeeding, you are basically going to be tits out 24/7 your entire stay at the hospital, and when you come too for that matter. These tanks are great for salvaging at least some of your modesty. I wear them in place of a bra some days which is great for giving "the girls" a break.

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1 Comment

Sep 14, 2020

I love your list!! As a mama who has been there, I can definitely say this is thorough and completeAF. Might I add you look amazing through your pregnancy AND recovery, and Milo looks to be the sweetest little thing to grace 2020!! Cheers to you mama, because you’ve got this, and you rock!! Thanks for sharing your journey and being so tits out about it all!! It’s refreshing. 😘

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