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Travel: Dream in Pink at the Madonna Inn

My husband and I celebrated out 3rd Wedding Anniversary at the Madonna Inn this past weekend. It has been on my travel list for some time now, as everything there seems to bleed kitsch and pink. The stories are true; everything is as magically pink as the photos make it out to be.

I booked our stay through Expedia, where I was able to hand-select our room. If you are new to the Madonna Inn, each room is a different gem, decked out in some sort of theme, true to the decade.

I chose the room "Tall and Short," mainly because it screamed "Madonna Inn" to me with its iridescent vibrant pink bathroom walls, shag carpet, rose decor detailing all the way to the bathroom sink. I also chose this room because it is one of the few rooms at the Inn that boasts its own private balcony.

What I truly loved about our stay was that everything felt very romantic, but in a fun attainable way. Not in a classy, out-of-place sort of way. It is a hard feeling to explain but I could see bachelorette parties, honeymooning couples, and families all enjoying themselves at this unique property.

We had such a wonderful time, I cannot wait to plan our next stay!

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