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Valentine Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Whether you have the perfect #couplegoals date night planned with your significant other, a valentines ladies night to rival Ms. Knope, or you have got the self-love thing going on staying home with your cats, I have put together a little collection of valentine goodies for anyone on your list that is sure to make any heart swell.

To start your day, heart shaped waffles and mugs fit for royalty are sure to delight. For left overs, use valentine themed Pyrex of course! Then head back to bed to snuggle under a blush pom pom blanket. I have one super similar in our bedroom and it is so cozy and receives so many compliments!

Who doesn’t love a letter board, and this one is pink, what ore could you want? Leave a silly little love note, even if it’s just for yourself. For your gal-pals a gold plated script necklace custom with their name. A friend gifted me one years ago and I treasure it to this day, so classic yet edgy and this one is under $30!

I have also included a sweet little red dress that I think is perfect for any Valentine occasion.

How could I create a gift list for all the loves in your life and not include a friendship collar? This gift is for both you and your BFF, your furry BFF! Each collar comes with a matching friendship bracelet for you! Use my code THRIFTEDQUEEN at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

With just less than a week to spoil your loved ones, you better get shopping!

xoxo Thrifted QUEEN

Hard and Fast Gift Guide:

8. mug

10. dress

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