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DIY: Nacho Average Halloween Costume

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

I have been absolutely OBSESSING over some of my favorite bloggers perfectly quirky DIY Halloween Costumes. Like @aww.sam 's Ramen Costume and Studio DIY's Fries before Guys Costume. And I can't get Cyn of @hotpinkpineapples Fruit Cart Costume out of my head. Ever since I saw how she was able to take something so random, and turn it into an incredibly cute costume, I knew I wanted to try my hand at something similar.

So how did I pick Nachos, you ask? Well, each year my husband and I take turns picking out the theme. Last year was my turn and we totally knocked Game of Thrones out of the freaking park. The year before that my husband chose Hat Box Ghost and Ghost Bride from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride. Anyways, this year the task of picking the costumes fell on my husband and he desperately wanted to be Nacho Libre. I didn't really want to be a nun, the obvious counterpart for this couples costume... you can see where I'm going with this. Nachos and Nacho we would be!


2 White Poster Board Sheets - $2

Green Paint -$0.70

Hat- painted to look like a Jalepeño, $9

Hot Glue Gun


Packing Tape

Chips and Cheese:

Using a straight edge, draw 2 triangles on each sheet of tan foam, totaling 10 tan chips. Round the tips. Using your yellow foam and gold foam, trace the tan triangle, then free hand dripping cheese. You should be able to make 3 cheese drips with each yellow foam sheet, totaling 9 drips. Use the gold glitter foam to create some fun accent cheese drips. Cut out and assemble with a hot glue gun.

Nacho Basket:

Create the plaid print using the red masking tape. Tape large strips into a grid pattern then cut skinny strips of tape and place in grid pattern again. Once you have your plaid pattern,

cut white poster board in half length-wise. Using a straight edge, taper the sides to resemble the shape of a paper nacho basket. I simply taped the pieces together to create my basket using clear packing tape.


Using the tube of paint, trace the outline of the bottom of the bottle on to your sheet of green foam, to create circles a bit larger than a quarter. I made 10. Cut out. Once cut, I used the lime green paint to add some detail to the green foam circles. After the paint has dried, add some flair with a green rhinestone using a hot glue gun. Hot glue jalepeño slices to your chips and cheese.

Jalepeño Hat:

I ordered a green fascinator from Amazon to turn into a jalepeño hat. Pro Tip: Do you know an easy way to remove hot glue from an item is to pop the whole thing into the freezer for a bit? That is exactly what I did for this hat. If you click the link you will see that the hat originally comes with some netting and a floral element. I stuck the whole thing in the freezer for about and hour, then was able to pop off all the embellishments rather easily. I then used the same lime green paint I used for the foam slices to add some detail to the hat. I hot glued green rhinestones to give the look of seeds.

Assemble your Basket:

Using the ribbon, cut 2 long strips and place over your shoulders and tape the ends to the inside of the basket. I did this while standing in front of a mirror so you can see where you want your basket to hang. A second set of hands for this step is also helpful. Once you have the basket in place, using tape, add your nachos! I also did this while standing in front of the mirror so I could strategically place them.


Top- $9, Shein

Pants- $16, Shein

Shoes- Dolce Vita $30, Marshall's

Once you have created your basket of nachos, you can really wear whatever you would like underneath. I chose to order a white crop top and red gingham pants, but I'm not including them in the cost breakdown of this costume, because I will totally be wearing them again, not as costume pieces! The red Dolce Vita shoes, I already had in my closet.

And there you have it, Nacho average Halloween Costume! Of course, we got a kick out of being Nachos and Nacho, but I think this cheesy costume, can stand alone any day!

I hope this was helpful or at the least somewhat inspiring. I tend to do projects with a "I'll just figure it out" mentality, as you can see not a lot of measuring went into this costume so I hope this blog offers just enough "guidance" for you to create your own. If you try your hand at this costume, be sure to tag me #thriftedqueenlookatme !

Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween!

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