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Gift Guide for Guys

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Ok ya'll! Gifts for the men in your life was the most HIGHLY REQUESTED gift guide this year. Understandably! Men are so hard to shop for. I worked with my hubby on this list, to bring you some of his favorite gifts from the past as well as some things on his wish list. I hope this helps! Even though this list was made with the "guy" in mind, I think most things on this list are great for ANYONE that is hard to shop for on your list!

Click pics for direct links:

If you have never heard of Uni Qlo, LET ME TELL YOU! Sabas and I have shopped here for years now and we love it. It is a Japanese store that has made its way to us, I would compare it to the likes of Gap. We love their basics and the fact that we BOTH can find great clothes there. BUT their Ultra Light Down jackets are a personal fave. We have bought these over and over, for ourselves in multiple colors and as gifts for brothers and nephews. Great quality and a better price than some of the name brand alternatives.

Beanies are a go-to each year. Bonus: I wear them too!

If you are looking to distract your guy for hours on end... look no further. Sabas suggests Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (I think thats what it is called lol)

Straight from the wishlist. An air fryer. I like this one because it was the cutest. Hope Sabas doesn't read my blog, cause this will be under the tree!

We like to give wearable gifts in our family. I found these shoes in our Amazon account under Sabas' wishlist.

Last year I gifted these to my husband and he still says they were THE BEST GIFT he has ever received.

If you are going to gift socks, they better be Smartwool socks. My husband is OBSESSED with these and basically asks for a pair every year.

When I asked my husband for gift suggestions for guys, this was the first thing he recommended. He is completely obsessed with Brandon Sanderson, and said "For the guy in your life that likes fantasy books: The Mistborn Trilogy".

I always have my Ello travel cups at hand, and my husband always seems to steal them. So I've added this to the list so he can have his own!

Both Sabas and I love our Kaweco Pens. They make great gifts for the super hard to shop for guys, because who thinks to buy themselves a nice pen?

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