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Thrift Like a Queen

In a world of fast fashion perpetuated by social media, I’ve built my brand on thrifting. In this post I will discuss thrifting, social media and how creators can build their brands more sustainably.

I will cover how to take smalls steps to combat fast fashion, how to implement buying used, up-cycling ideas, and all my favorite thrifting tips.

Virtual Thrift

If I were to ask you the first thought that comes to mind when I say the word “thrifting” it might evoke dirty carpets, musky scents and dusty scenes. But buying used doesn’t have to mean getting your hands dirty in the hunt. There are so many virtual thrifting sites that make buying used accessible to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a thrifting “purist” if you will, and I used to cringe at the idea that buying something used from Poshmark or eBay was considered “thrifting” but when 2020 hit and we simply couldn’t walk in to a thrift store, my mindset shirted and I was able to get my thrifting fix virtually.

Some of my favorite places to buy used online are Mercari, Poshmark, ThredUp, eBay, and Helpsy. Some popular places such as Lululemon offer a “renew” program and sell pre-loved clothing right from their own website.

Pro Tip: I personally love Mercari, because they make their “save this search” feature incredibly user friendly.

Insta-Stalking Your Local Haunts:

Another way I have breached the gap between in-person thrifting and virtually thrifting has been social media. If your favorite local place to buy used, utilize social media, be sure to give them a follow. Turn on notifications and keep a close eye on their posts. I love to follow my local Plato’s Closet, they post a ton of stuff for sale in their stories and will allow your to place holds on items via DM. I have scored some amazing finds this way. Same with one of my favorite local children’s consignment store. I have been able to get my son the best toys and clothes by claiming things right from her stories.

Pro Tip:

Our local Plato’s offers a 20% off coupon when you bring in clothes to sell, so bring in some clothes for extra savings when you find something on their social media you want to buy.

Go-Back Rack Hack:

If you are new to thrifting or possibly overwhelmed when it comes to walking in to a thrift store, my favorite trick when shopping for clothes is to head straight to the go back rack by the dressing rooms. It is often where I find some of the best stuff. Let others comb the racks for you and leave behind what didn’t work for them, it just might be perfect for YOU!

Another trick for combating the overwhelming feeling in thrift stores is to shop by color or even texture. This will help you hone in on finding something amazing without searching item by item.

Easy Mending and Alterations:

Sustainability is a huge aspect of buying used, and one way we and make clothes last longer and combat fast fashion is by learning how to make quick alterations and tackle easy mending jobs.

Pro Tip: I shop all sizes when I thrift. Chances are you are already getting a great deal, so if you find something you love, but the fit is not quite right, go ahead and spend the money getting it tailored.

Ways to Elevate Your Thrifted Fashion:

I like to dress head to toe thrifted and I believe that is truly an attainable goal but an easy way to elevate your thrifted look is by being really selective in where to spend your money on new additions to your closet. For me that would be hats. A great hat can really take your outfit to the next level and make your look come together.

I have had good luck finding great shoes virtually thrifting, but shoes would be another great place to splurge on a new addition to your closet.

Make it Your Own:

Patches, paint, pins, embroidery, are all ways to add personal touches to your wardrobe and great ways to elevate a thrifted find. Plus who wants to try their hand at a DIY patch project on a brand new $100 jacket?

Pro Tip:

I hardly ever pass up a good denim jacket at the thrift. There are so many ways to deck out a denim jacket with patches or whatever your crafty heart desires. And when you are paying thrift store prices, why not try all the DIYs?

How Do You Make Money? (for creators):

There’s big money in fast fashion for content creators sharing affiliate links and such. I am often asked this question about monetizing and building my brand on the idea of buying used.

You simply have to get a little creative. If I thrift a great pair of overalls, this is an opportunity to share link to similar overalls. There is a fine line of promoting living sustainably while sharing links to new products, and you are not going to make everyone happy but there are ways to walk that line find that happy medium authentically.

Pro Tip:

Seek out businesses who are making an effort to implement green practices, and note that when you are sharing their products.

I have also been able to create great working partnerships with both local and national thrift stores so the opportunity is there, you just have to get creative. Thrifting is cool. Sustainability is cool. Helping each other take care of this planet is cool.

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