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Travel Yucca Valley: Flamingo Social Club

We were given the chance to visit the beautiful Flamingo Social Club vacation rental located in the Yucca Valley just outside Joshua Tree National Park, and to say it is a beautiful escape, would be a gross understatement.

No desert stone was left unturned when turning this home into a little oasis to share with strangers. The moment I stepped inside I knew I would be bringing home with me a new love for desert aesthetic and the desire to redecorate my entire coastal beach home. Some of my favorite features were the stunning accent walls in each room, some wallpaper, some painted murals. Of course the Smeg refrigerator was a personal fave of mine and the floor to ceiling pink bathroom left me begging my husband to do something similar in our own home. PINK!

What is truly magical about this place is the setting. Sliding glass doors in each of the 2 bedrooms set the stage to the majestic desert, which is a real treat to wake up to each morning. Bunnies hopped by our window to greet us one morning. This swing was a personal favorite of mine and Milo. I took quite a few photos of him swinging in this swing and definitely tried to persuade my husband to add something similar to our backyard at home.

I was asked when we returned if I was ever scared to be out there so isolated, but the truth is, we had cell service and were really only about 10 mins down the road from town and everything we might need. That is what is so special about this place, is you can escape without really escaping. The property seems to go forever and you really feel like you are in the middle of the desert, which is just so fun- especially for this beach girl! I marveled at how quiet it really was. At home in Pacific Grove we can hear the waves crashing and seals barking from our home. Here it was just a stillness that surrounds you. It is very inspiring and sets the tone for a reset if that is what you are seeking.

Things we loved doing during our stay in the Yucca Valley:

* Mojave Flea Trading Post fun artisan goods

* Hoof and The Horn cute little shop for clothing and souvenirs

* Joshua Tree National Park: short hike to Arch Rock, Cholla Cactus Gardens

* Yucca Valley, 29 Palms Highway area: lots of cute vintage, thrift and antiques shops

* Pioneer Town: I heard Red Dog was good for lunch but it was closed when we were there

We cant wait to come back and visit the Yucca Valley again soon. This was the first time we have traveled this far and this long with our son, Milo and it was not without its learning pains. However, it was all far worth it to experience the desert has to offer. Our highlight truly was staying at the Flamingo Social Club the location, the decor, the amenities, all added up to make our stay an excellent one.

Thanks Rae and the Flamingo Social Club team!

xoxo Milo and fam

For some video footage of our stay Click Here

Outfit Links

Hats: West Perro

Matching Jumpsuits: Noble adorned with Daily Disco Patches

Milo's Boots: Click Here

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